Payroll tax reporting software

Form 1099 Form W-2


et's prepare a W-2, 1099, or 1098-T form using Quick & Easy 1099/W2....   

We'll start with the opening screen, and go right through the whole data input and reporting process.  It'll only take a minute!

PLEASE NOTE:  This demonstration includes the three most common versions of Form 1099:  Form 1099-Misc, Form 1099-Div, and Form 1099-Int, and is comparable to the capabilities of our Lite version of Quick & Easy 1099/W2.  Also included in this demonstration is Form 1098-T, one of several additional forms included in our Unlimited version. 

All forms in the 1098/1099 series begin with the same screens.  Later, we'll show you how Form 1098-T is prepared.

Just click 

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Opening the 1099 demo

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