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Question:  I'm having trouble downloading things from this website.  For example, I tried to download the 1099/W2 demo program unsuccessfully, and I've also been unsuccessful in downloading program updates.  Is it the Internet or is it me?

Answer:  Several things can go wrong downloading.  Here are a few of them and things to do to solve the problem.

1.  Unless you have a fast Internet connection (such as DSL, Cable, or T-1) you will notice that the download takes time -- in some cases, a LONG time -- to execute.  Even if you have a fast connection, some downloads are sizeable and it may appear that nothing is happening while the download is occurring.  

Hint:  look for the signal (usually in the lower right corner of your screen) that shows activity with the Internet.  If it shows activity, chances are your download is proceeding -- just a bit slower than we all would wish.

2.  It's possible that you are being "protected" from downloading programs from the Internet, particularly if you are on an office network or LAN.   Your system could be actively blocking you from downloading the demo program and/or a program update.  Frequently, the symptom here is that the download begins -- and appears to complete instantaneously; much too quickly for the download actually to have taken place.  This is one to discuss with your system people or network people.  They may have a workaround for you -- or at least an explanation.  

Here's a quick way to see if this appears to be the problem.  Try downloading the user manual for Quick & Easy 1099/W2.  This download file is NOT a program -- instead, it's a PDF file.  If you find that the user manual downloads normally, but the demo program and the program updates do not, you're probably being blocked from downloading programs -- also called "executables".  If that's the case, it's a matter for your systems or network people.

3.  There is a security setting in Internet Explorer that can prevent downloading files of any kind.  While this is not the default setting, it is possible that your browser has had this setting activated.  

Here's how to find out:  Open Internet Explorer.  Under the "Tools" pulldown menu, select the "Internet Options" line.  When the next screen opens, click on the "Security" tab.  Near the bottom of the box that opens, click on "Custom level".  A box will open with a series of options, each of which has a circle next to it to check to apply that option.  Scroll down this box until you see a category called "Downloads".  There are two sub-categories here, "File Downloads" and "Font Downloads".  Under each you will see a choice for "Disable" and a choice for "Enable".  As you might expect, in order to download files or fonts, the appropriate "Enable" box must be checked.


Question:  Sometimes when I try to reach your website I get a message that the page is unavailable or not found.  Does this mean that your site isn't working?

Answer:  There are several possibilities, the first of which is that, for some reason, the site you are trying to reach is actually unavailable.  However, you should still be able to reach us on the web. 

Here's how:  you can find us at either of TWO web addresses: (that's our main website) or, check If either website is down for more than a short time, we'll provide information on the other site about the outage and its projected duration.

The two websites have different contents, but the chance that both sites would be unavailable at the same time is pretty remote. If you're unsuccessful in reaching us on one site, try the other!  If you can't reach either one, the problem is likely with your own internet service provider. 

Question:  I use Windows Vista (or Windows 7), and I get an error message when I try to apply program updates.  What is wrong and what can I do about it?

Answer:  This problem is probably due to a security enhancement in Vista.  First, make sure you have "Administrator" privileges on the PC you are updating.  Then, modify the Security properties of the file you are updating (which you'll find in Program Files if you installed in the default location).  Beginning with our tax year 2008 products, we've added a detailed procedure to the user manuals to guide you through the process step-by-step.

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