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Let's see how to prepare Form 944 (or Form 941) using 

Quick & Easy 

Form 941/944

This low-cost program is designed for the Tax Professional or business owner who needs to prepare Form 944.  It also offers a convenient capability of preparing Form 941 for those whose needs change during the year, and for those who prefer to keep their payroll information on a separate system.

Either way, you get the automatic calculations and the professional appearance of computer-produced Forms 944 and Form 941 -- with NO blank forms to download or purchase.  


We'll start with the opening screen, and you can go right through a simulated data input and reporting process.  It'll only take a minute!

Here's the process:

Step #1:  Set up the Companies -- it's easy!!
Step #2: Enter total employee wages and taxes.  
Step #3:  Run the reporting function to print annual Form 944 or quarterly Form 941 
In this demo, you'll be able to navigate from screen to screen by clicking on the navigation buttons on the screen, just as you'll do with the "real" 941/944 Printing for Windows program.




Text Box: Click on "Work with Forms 941/944"
 Form 944















Or, you can Form 944 Printing: to the next screen to go to the next screen


(Remember, you're in control  in  this demo and you can advance to the next screen at any time)

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