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If you have the responsibility for preparing the Federal Tuition Statement for the students at your educational institution, we think this will come as good news to you.  Whether you prepare this form for students of a college, a university, a community college, a trade school, a vocational school, a correspondence school, or an insurance company making tuition payments, you must furnish these forms to your students each January. 

Form 1098-T is a standard component of our Quick & Easy 1099/W2 Unlimited edition.  So, you'll be able to print Form 1098-T for your students on plain paper on most laser and many inkjet printers.  Think of the savings and convenience in being able to use plain paper for these instead of expensive pre-printed forms, not to mention the ability to use a modern printer in your own office.  (You will still need to obtain "red forms" from a forms vendor for Copy A of Form 1098-T, and for the Form 1096 transmittal, however, due to Federal requirements that are still in effect). 

If you perform other financial or payroll reporting -- such as Form W-2 or other varieties of Form 1099 --  for your educational institution, you may now even be able to combine the processes in one single program.

We're also including Form 1098-T in our Electronic reporting version of Quick & Easy 1099/W2.  This is particularly for educational institutions that issue more than 250 copies of this form, and hence must report electronically.  Note that if you report electronically, you won't need to order "red forms" from a print vendor for Copy A and for Form 1096.

Form 1098-T screens to see the actual screens you'll use when you prepare Form 1098-T for your educational institution using Quick & Easy 1099/W2 Unlimited Version.

Windows Unlimited version - more information for more information about our Quick & Easy 1099/W2 Unlimited Version

magnetic or electronic filing information for more information about electronic filing of Form 1098-T (and other forms in the 1098/1099 series)

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Thank you for your interest in Quick & Easy 1099/W2 -- and our  1098-T capability!

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