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GREAT!!  Based on that response, we think you'll probably want:

Windows Unlimited

But just to be sure, please check the following list and tell us if any of these apply to you:

I want to confirm that your program will produce the specific form I need and I want to check your list of forms. Form 1099
I'm using a daisy wheel printer, a dot matrix printer, or a similar older printer technology, or I'm still using Windows 3.1, Windows 3.11, or DOS No match

Okay so far?  We think that Windows Unlimited is the program you need.

Windows Unlimited Click   Quick & Easy 1099/W2 Windows Unlimited program


Question:  I need to file electronically this year.  Which box should I check?

Answer:  Good news!! The electronic filing versions of our Windows Unlimited program support electronic filing at Federal and State levels.


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