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About our "B/W" versions of Quick & Easy 1099/W2

Tax Year 2016 is the sixteenth year that we have offered  the convenience of producing the traditional "red forms" in the W-2 series (Form W-2 Copy A and Form W-3) without the inconvenience and expense of purchasing pre-printed red forms.  

Instead, by using the "B/W" versions of both Quick & Easy 1099/W2 Lite and Quick & Easy 1099/W2 Unlimited, the whole process: ordering expensive pre-printed red forms from a forms vendor, keeping track of them when they arrive,  calibrating the printer to print in the boxes, and worrying about running out of forms during January is eliminated.  Instead, Form W-2 Copy A and Form W-3 are laser printed on blank paper, just like the other W-2 forms.

Not surprisingly, we have found that our customers really appreciate the convenience.  We offer "B/W" versions of both our Lite and Unlimited 1099/W2 Windows products. 

QUESTION:  This sounds like a wonderful convenience!  Who would NOT want this benefit?  

Answer:  There is a good answer to this question.  Unfortunately, the IRS does not yet accept black and white copies for the red forms on the 1098/1099 side.  Thus, if you produce ONLY 1098s or 1099s, the B/W versions of our products will not help you.   

QUESTION:  If I buy a B/W version, will I still be able to print on red forms when producing 1099s?

Answer:  Yes, you definitely will.  On the 1099 side our B/W versions continue to support use of pre-printed red forms (while producing the other Form 1099-series forms via laser printing).  

QUESTION:  When will it be permissible to have B/W versions for the Form 1099 series?

Answer:  We have no word that this is going to happen. If it finally does become permissible, you can count on us being there with a B/W capability for the 1098/1099-series red forms.

QUESTION:  I need to file electronically.  Can you help me with that?

Answer:  We certainly can!  Check our page on electronic filing to determine the states for which we already providing support for electronic filing of Form W-2 and Form 1099.


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