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Form 1099 Form W-2


Quick & Easy 1099 and W2 from Information Returns, Inc.

1099 Form production software by Information Returns, Inc.

Do you need to prepare Form 1099 for your employees or customers?  Here are the 1099 formats we currently support, and our program products that produce them

Form 1099 type

Windows Unlimited

Windows Lite

1098 Yes  
1098-T Yes  
1099-MISC Yes Yes
1099-DIV  Yes Yes
1099-INT Yes Yes
1099-C Yes  
1099-OID Yes  
1099-R Yes  
1099-S Yes  
1099-B Yes  
1099-G Yes  
1099-PATR Yes  
5498 Yes  
Form W-2 (and Form W-3) Yes Yes

Electronic filing options are available for these forms at the Federal level, and for many states as well, in both Windows Unlimited and Windows Lite versions. 



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